In pregnancy, women tend to gain a lot of weight. Coming back to your original body is not as tough as you think. There are a lot of research conducted over this topic, and therefore there are different opinions. But, the proved inference is, if you start exercise after pregnancy on regular basis, it will reduce the postpartum depression. It will also improve your overall health. Postpartum depression can also be explained as a depression which happens after giving birth.

Now, there are varied pregnancy and delivery methods, and therefore before starting any workout program, you should always check with your doctor, if it is good for you or not. If you experience any type of anomaly in the body such as heavy bleeding, soreness or headache after exercising, immediately stop the workout program, and visit your doctor. Below listed are some of the methods that will help your body to get ready for regular workout sessions.

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At first, walking may not seem to be a much of a workout, but it is one of the simplest exercise after pregnancy to reduce stomach. Walking is like a warming up session before a long race. It is the easiest way that you can cope up with the exercise session. Though, a fitness routine is really important after pregnancy, it is very affirmative that, to cope up with the routine, you need to walk.

You can start with gently strolling around in the park. Eventually, as the gentle strolling becomes tolerable for you and your body, go to the next level of pumped up power walk. But, even if you are not okay, with power walk, it is still okay to gently walk around the lane or the park. It can do wonders when it comes to baby fat. If you can bring your baby with you in a front pack, then you will lose double the weight. If walking straight feels monotonous for you, try walking in zigzag patterns or backward. This will flex your muscle and will also increase the losing of weight since the work done is greater.

Breathing with Abdominal Contraction

This is one of the easiest exercise that one can do after pregnancy. This exercise can be performed an hour after you give birth and is perfectly safe by all means. It serves many purposes. It relaxes and flexes your muscle. It also starts the strengthening process of your abs and belly.

For performing this exercise, it is very important that you sit upright. Then, breathe deeply and draw air upward from the diaphragm. Contract your abs while inhaling and while exhaling, expand your abs. This is a continuous process, and do it until you become tired. Gradually, increase the amount of time. Most people do it abruptly, and lose the actual significance of doing this exercise. But, no matter how long you do, always contract and hold abs. This will strengthen the belly muscle, and will lose some weight too.

Curl-Up, Head Lifts and Shoulder Lifts

Most of the extra baby fat gets accumulated at the back. Doing these three exercises helps strengthen back muscles. These exercises also burn calories.

Head lifts: For this exercise, one needs to lie on her back. The arms rigidly should be along their sides. Keep your lower back to the floor, and lift up your knees. Your feet should be flat on the floor, gaining support. Relax your belly and inhale. Now, whenever you exhale, lift your head up and neck up the floor. Lower your head down as you inhale.
Shoulder Lifts: For this exercise, you first need to be aware of a fact. The fact is, you need to be able to do 10 head lifts before you can move on to this exercise. This should be done in the same position as that of the head lift. But, in this case, you need to raise your head and shoulder off the floor. While raising it off the floor, reach towards your knees with your hands. If it strains, keep both hands behind your neck, and be careful not to pull it.
Curl-ups: This is the next level of shoulder Lifts. After you are able to do 10 shoulder lips, move on to this. Initially, you should be in the same position as head lifts and shoulder lifts. Curl Ups involves lifting your torso up until its between your knees and the floor. Reach your arms towards your knees and hold on to it for 2 to 5 seconds. After that, slowly lower yourself down.
The most important thing while doing these exercises is that you should breathe. Inhale and Exhale. Inhale and Exhale.

Pelvic Tilt Kneeling

This exercise relieves your back pain, and helps tone your stomach. Firstly, start this exercise on all fours. The toes should touch down the floor behind, and palms touching the floor in forward. The arms should run straight down from your shoulder line. As your breath, or inhale, your buttocks should be pulled forward, the pelvis should be tilted, and the pubic bone should be rotated upward. Hold on to this position up to a cunt of three, and release. In this exercise, your back should be straight and relaxed.


Kegels is one of the prime exercises that one should do after pregnancy. Kegels tone the muscles in the bladder and also improves incontinence which are often related to childbirth. The more you become acquainted with Kegels, the better control you will have over the leaks while sneezing, or laughing.

The main goal out here, is to take control over the muscles which causes urine to leak out. These exercise is advisable to do, when you are in bathroom. To have better grip with your leakages, try to acknowledge which muscle of your body causes urine to flow out. Try controlling those muscles when you urinate. Manipulate them, until the urine stops. Then, let the urine flow again. This way you will know how to control the leak.

Workouts for Both Baby and Mother

In the early months after your pregnancy, it is very tough to find the time away from your child. Therefore, there are some exercise you may try out with your little one.

Baby Glider: Hold the baby close to your breast, and lunge forward with your left leg. Come to the initial position and do this again with your other leg. This will strengthen the muscles.
Baby Bouncer: Same as that of Baby glider, just do the lunging sideways.
Squats and Curls: Stand with your legs apart. Initially keep the baby closer to your chest, then squat down and let the baby’s feet touch the floor. Come back again. Do this 10 times each day.

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