If you’re looking to lose weight due to your clothes fit a bit too tight, you need to modify your wardrobe to stop the trend we all experience often as we get less active. It is therefore essential to lose the extra weight via exercises, not just to buy clothes that are suitable for you , but also because it’s extremely beneficial for your health as people who are slim live longer than an overweight one. Why? Because a person who is overweight could be susceptible to extreme medical illnesses like depression, anxiety, diabetes disorders, and obesity in itself is an illness that is medically induced.

Therefore, in order to lose weight your body, you must reduce fat. This can be accomplished quickly through regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Here are the top 8 exercises that you can practice at home to lose fat quickly and easily. There is no requirement to visit the fitness centre for these exercises.

1. Push-Ups Exercise

Push-ups are an exercise that is performed by simply elevating and then lower the body using the aid of hands. Pushups with triceps can be performed by placing your feet directly below the shoulders while keeping your body in a straight position. Then lower the chest by bending the elbows , and returning to the starting position. If you are finding the workout is difficult you can simplify it by putting your knees on the floor. This specific exercise trains the muscles of the arms, chest and shoulders.

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2. Bridge Exercise

Bridge exercise typically strengthens the abdominal muscles in all their entirety as well as the lower back and hamstrings as well in the glutes. It is considered to be the most fundamental rehabilitation exercise that improves spinal stability. Lay on your back and place your arms to your sides. When you are ready, bend the knees and then raise your hips, while keeping your back straight. Also, keep your feet on the floor. Let your hips remain in a straight line with your shoulders and knees. Maintain it for a half-minute and gently lower your hips to their original position, and then repeat for a couple of minutes.

3. Squats

Squats are a great exercise for your buttocks and as the legs. Basically, Squats are a position that requires you to sit with your knees bent, with your upper legs parallel to the ground. It is a total body workout that focuses on the hips, thighs as well as buttocks. If you’re finding this exercise routine difficult, then you can try the same sitting on a sofa and then standing, and repeat the exercise several times to build up your body, and also adding some benefits.

4. Single Leg Balance

It is among the numerous hardcore exercises that focus on the power of your legs. The first thing to do during this exercise is to be able to stand on your left leg. Then, move forward at your waist while remaining standing. After that, you can extend the right leg to the direction towards the ceiling. It is essential to keep an even curve on the left knee. After that, lift your torso back to its original position. Repeat this process several times for an improved exercise. If you’re finding difficult to balance, hold the back leg to assistance at first.

5. Bird Dog Exercise

Bird dog is a fantastic exercise to strengthen the lower back when performing extreme moves. It works on the hips, abs, back, and butt. Begin with hands and knees posture , with fingers pointed towards the forward direction. Make sure your hands are under your shoulders, and that your knees are in the same position as your hips. Slowly extend the other arm and leg until it is parallel to the floor. Keep your equilibrium for a few minutes without sagging your back. Return to your initial position with care and repeat the same exercise again switching sides.

6. Skipping Exercise

Skipping exercises provide a full exercise that strengthens your body. It also increases the strength of your muscles, increase metabolism, and help you burn off a lot of calories in a very short amount of time.

A regular exercise routine can create calm and help to reduce anxiety and depression. Exercise also raises the heart rate, that results in a greater flow of blood through your body. This helps keep your heart in better and healthier state. Alongside it being good for your heart, the workout also takes care of the lungs, by keeping them in good shape and functioning.

Everybody has a unique body shape and this makes the process produce different outcomes. Weight loss is simply getting rid of more calories than what you consume and skipping meals will certainly assist you in doing this. This kind of exercise produces 1300 calories per hour.

7. Lunges

A well-known strength-training exercise that builds and tone your lower body while improving general fitness levels and performance. Lunges are primarily focused on strengthening your hips, back and legs.

Lunges can help build lean muscle mass and reducing body fat. It is essential to be active and include lunges into your high-intensity exercise routine using weights. Single-leg movements in this exercise stabilize muscles to improve stability, balance and coordination.

8. Yoga

The ancient transcription of Yoga has been proven to be a successful weight loss treatment. It was believed to have been originated through Rishis as well as Brahmans and is based on five basic concepts: Diet, Exercise, Breathing, Relaxation, and Meditation.

A combination of Yoga as well as healthy food has proven to be beneficial in helping you lose weight and keep your mind and body healthy. It also increases your awareness and connection to your body. You can also reduce the level of your blood sugar through practicing yoga to combat the treatment of diabetes.

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