Most likely you’ve already worked with a fitness ball on stability and balance exercises. Interesting fact: studies have shown that exercise on top of the ball is much more effective than same exercises on the floor. But surely you don’t want to stop on achieved and learn new useful exercises with the use of fitness ball.

A ball for fitness is a universal sports simulator and it has proven it, when in 2008, on one of the world’s sports exhibitions fitball was named the most useful invention in the history of the fitness industry. And the results sought by trainees with ball confirm this resounding title. Can you imagine doing just one exercise on a fitness ball, while using almost all of your muscles. Plus you can develop your coordination and flexibility, and your posture after a couple of months of training with a fitness ball.

“Most people think that exercise with a ball on the stability and balance reinforces only their core, but it is not true. Training with the ball increases the tone of the muscles throughout the body. Such think many people, personal trainers and authors of books on fitness. These exercises also improve flexibility, balance, posture and coordination of movements.”

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Moreover, if you will add to your usual workout new and innovative training, you will improve your body and shock it with burning more calories. You can also increase your cardio and muscular endurance (your heart and muscles will work better and last longer).

Stability is a proper work of the muscular-skeletal apparatus to follow CNS tasks without prejudice to the motorway. Simply put, with stability alone do what they have to do, shifting his center of balance in a variety of complex movements (like jumping). High-speed stability, a centrifugal rotates around the body axis and work with external forces (weight, wind, water, etc.). To move like dancers, however, is not always possible with mistakes that our body can make to perform complex and new problems for the central nervous system.

We advise you to carry out this core exercises with the ball three times a week, it should perform a quick circuit, move from one exercise to another with a little break or no break in between. After resting for two or three minutes, repeat the exercise twice.

Exercise On Stability With Rolls Out

Exercise instruction:

Keep your knees on the floor in front of the ball at shoulder width, and then place your elbows on the ball, tight hands into fists.

1. Keep your back flat, make yourself prepared and slowly roll the ball forward by straightening your arms; go away forward as far as you can without letting your hips drop on the floor.

2. Make a pause, and then bend your elbows to return the ball to its original position. Repeat the exercise about ten times.

Exercise On Stability With Transfer Of The Fitness Ball

Lay down on to the floor, holding the ball over your head with both hands, and brought your legs together then spread them on the floor.

1. In the first movement, prepare and raise your hands and feet off the floor by placing the ball between your legs.

2. Take the ball by your hands and lower your arms and legs to the floor.

3. Repeat, pass the ball back in your hands. This is one sequence. Repeat it about ten times.

Exercise On A Press On One Leg

Place the upper part of your back on the ball and place the left foot on the right knee.

1. Lower your hips to the floor.

2. Make a pause, and then press with your heel to return to the starting position. This is one sequence. Do this about twelve times and then swap legs.

Shoulder Touches From Plank Position

Take the plank position with your hands and shoulders; place the shin on the fitness ball top.

1. Keeping your hips at a right angle to the floor, raise your right hand and touch the opposite shoulder.

2. Return to starting position and repeat the same procedure with the left hand. Do about 25 repetitions with each hand of this exercise in total.

Do these exercises a few times a week and you will see positive results rally soon. This core exercises with ball will improve your balance and health in general.

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