Most busy women assume that the little time they get daily is not enough for a workout. However, with the right workout techniques, the little time you get per day can be enough for an effective workout. Learn the most effective workouts that can help to shred excess fat as well as build your muscles, and maximize the precious little time to achieve your sets goals. Knowing the most effective fat burning workouts will enable you to achieve your desired goals within the shortest time possible. Make sure that you combine approved weight-loss techniques with strength training in a supper-focused workout to help build different parts of the body.

Make an effort of getting to the gym every day; even for some few minutes. Doing the exercise regularly helps to keep the body on track. Five exercises, five-minute, is a popular workout technique that needs not to be a breeze but a just sprint on a treadmill. Although the speed of movement can leave your muscles and lungs burning, the workout technique strengthens different parts of the body effectively. It involves burning fat and building strength within as little as 5 minutes per day.

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This article discusses five fat burning workouts for women that can perform anywhere. The workout features shape-up shortcuts workout, which is really shortcut of burning fats, and they work well. Whether you are at home or you are traveling, find time to do the exercise. If you find that you have a tight schedule, commit even 30 minutes to perform the exercises. When you have enough time, you can go through the exercise 5 times for a more comprehensive workout. They are a great and convenient exercise that easy to perform and very effective.

Interval Exchange:

Interval exchange is a simplified fat burning workout that involves exercising in an interval pattern. There are two different interval patterns. Choose the best one for you and complete the exercise in order. Both have been designed to burn calories, blast fat and build muscles. However, the different ration of the workout offers different metabolic response and alternating between this workout can help to achieve the result within a short time.

30:30: it involves completing many reps within an interval of 30 seconds. And at the end of the exercises, you can rest for about sixty seconds before moving to another round.

50:10: this involves completing various reps within 50 seconds before resting for 10 minutes then moving another round. At the end of every round, you need to rest for about sixty seconds before moving to the next round.


The Glute Bridge is almost of one-legged glute bridge at a time, leaving you only a single leg as you march along. The dynamic movement is a very fantastic fat burning workouts for women, which helps to stretch the glute muscles through the raising of the leg as the supporting leg is forced to maintain the bridge. Whichever you look at it, it is a great exercise of building glute muscles.

a. Lie face-up while your knees are bent, and feet remain flat.

b. Raise the hips and stay straight from knees to the shoulders.

c. Lift the right knee and move them toward the chest.

d. Hold it for two seconds before lowering it back

e. Repeat the same procedure with to the left. That is a single rep you can repeat is several times.


The inverted shoulder press help to build the deltoid muscles of the shoulder join. The shoulder joint helps to stabilize the shoulder joint. Use the following steps to complete the exercise:

i. Assume the pushup position

ii. Raise the hips as you move your feet forward until the torso is almost perpendicular to the ground.

iii. Position the hands a little more than the width of the shoulder and extend the straight arms

iv. Without changing your posture, lower the body slowly until it is almost touching the ground

v. Push the body back until you are at the starting position.

vi. Pause a little before embarking on another round.

You can make the workout more challenging by placing using a bench to place your feet.


Alternating switch lunge helps to build quadriceps, which are a group of muscles on the front of the thigh. They help to straighten your knee and provide stability while standing. The exercise is also designed to target the Gluteal muscles that connect between legs and rare muscles. Glutes muscles are used while moving the leg, rotating hip as well as extending and rotating the trunk of the body.

i. Put your feet wide apart around the shoulder while maintaining you’re back straight.

ii. Lunge forward until you are about 90 degrees on both knees. Make sure that your feeds are not extended past your toes although it puts a lot of stress on the knee.

iii. Immediately, step back the right foot and lower it into a lunge

iv. Press the left heel and return to standing.

You can ease the workout by making the foot to touch the floor every time you come back to the starting position.

Rotating T Extension:

Rotating T Extension targets abdominal and oblique muscles. The main muscles affected are stabilized like rhomboids, glutes, deltoids, quads, abductors, and adductors. It works the oblique muscles which help to improve the rotational motion. The Torso helps to exercise the oblique muscles group and add power to the rotational motion. This workout is highly recommended to athletes in some sports such as short put and golf. Follow these steps to complete the workout:

– Start from the pushup position

– keep your hands straight as you engage the core

– shift the weight towards your left arm.

– Rotate your torso toward right and raise the right arm straight so that the body can form a T shape

– Hold on that position for about 3 seconds before returning to the original position before repeating on the left side.

We recommend this fat burning workouts to strengthen your muscles and take more pressure off the spine. You can tighten it but add some push-ups after every move from one side to the next.

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